We’re connecting people – helping wherever help is needed. We make a peaceful future possible for children.

100% of your donations will be dedicated to the project of your choice.

We are working to ensure that your donations arrive where help is needed most.


The earthquake on the 06.02.2023 has devastated many people in the border region of Turkey and Syria.
Kilis und Idlib
Der Bürgerkrieg in Syrien scheint kein Ende zu nehmen, und die Kinder trifft es am härtesten. Über 3,7 Millionen  Menschen sind seit Ausbruch des syrischen Bürgerkriegs Anfang 2011 in die Türkei geflüchtet (Stand Juli 2022)
In der Sinnbildungsstiftung bündeln 14 private Stiftungen und eine Stiftung der öffentlichen Hand ihre Kräfte, um Pionierprojekte im Bildungssektor zu fördern, die Lösungen anbieten und Entwicklung induzieren.
Technologie fördert Inklusion im Unterricht Mehr als 240 Millionen Kinder weltweit haben Behinderungen, die meisten können keine Schule besuchen.
Burkina Faso



The PeopleShare Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people who want to share their success and effect change by empowering those who have no power and who need all the help and protection they can get.

Through the platform of PeopleShare we want to help you be the change in their life. We hope that PeopleShare will help you and other like-minded individuals to appease the craving in your heart for a higher meaning and to provide a structure to enable you to make a difference.


We hope that this simple idea will spark action that will fire up a movement.

Our vision is to bring together people everywhere who feel the need to share and create opportunity for positive change. A long road starts with the first small step. We invite you to join us on this remarkable and rewarding journey.

A generous heart can be put to many good uses.

We decided to start – at least initially – by caring for those who need our love and nurture most – our little ones. Every child deserves a decent life in conditions of dignity, comfort and safety. PeopleShare is committed to building a better world for our children where they can live a happy and healthy life and where, maybe more importantly, they will learn early on the value of giving. And you will be their role models and heroes teaching them this priceless lesson.

Charity needs a home to begin.

PeopleShare is a home for charity. And you will be its welcome family. So let‘s share our love and give our children a home they deserve and a loving place to live their life to the fullest.

Living a dream is not about success or failure.

It is a living dream. It is living that dream, that yearning in our heart. It is becoming part of that higher purpose. This is a path to the future and a way to forever. An experience on a journey that will never end.


HerzTraum Immobilientreuhand GmbH is the main sponsor and supporter of the PeopleShare Foundation. HerzTraum’s main idea is to build better homes for children who do not have one or live in substandard dwellings.

While being a successful business enterprise, HerzTraum is not solely profit-driven and is fully committed to the business of sharing. By practicing what it preaches, HerzTraum undertakes to devote half of the revenues from its projects to support children in difficult situations all around the world.

HerzTraum promotes industrial and economic practices based on awareness of social values, respect and appreciation of the individual, and fair opportunities for all. HerzTraum generously shares its success by investing in the projects and development of PeopleShare out of conviction that sharing success with others is a win-win proposition and will lead to true happiness.

For more information about HerzTraum

Immobilientreuhand GmbH please visit their website at


PeopleShare makes a solemn promise to make sure that donation money is spent where it is needed most. We will carefully research individual projects and make our selection in a fully transparent manner striving to achieve maximum efficiency. We will make sure that every contribution produces the best results.

We make no difference between projects, big or small, at home or half across the globe. Our only concern is the difference they can make.

This is where we rely on our Welfare Scouts – ordinary people who are doing an extraordinary job by helping us. They are the people who help us find projects anywhere in the world to help children who are in need of our help. They are HerzTraum. Our goal is to produce maximum social impact in our target communities.

PeopleShare also acts as a platform for projects and charity initiatives worldwide seeking support and attracting new donors. Our aim is to act as a bridge between supporters and projects to get more and more people involved for greater synergies. Thanks to the internet and modern communication technologies, advertising and administrative costs can be kept at a reasonable level. PeopleShare aims to provide a platform to allow everyone to make a meaningful contribution to building a better world and to inspire others by giving generously. To quote Persian poet Hafiz, our mission is “To encourage laughter, freedom, dance, and love”. Our mission is to allow people to share to discover a higher purpose and find meaning in their life.

This is the mission of PeopleShare


Samira Rauter in Kilis.

Kira Frerk,
Mag. Wolfgang Kerschbaummayr,
Mag. Samira Rauter

There are numerous possibilites to help.
The first one:
making people aware.

Thank you for sharing.
togther, we can
make a difference.
starting today!